Abundantwise Ltd Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully from beginning to end. By ticking the box you agree to the following.

Information provided on this form gives Abundantwise Ltd or any of it’s sister companies permission to communicate with you via mail, email, fax, phone, text and social media to relay special offers, announcements and information you may find valuable to your business. Your information will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

The product or service you have purchased contains confidential, copyrighted information that may not be copied or reproduced without prior written consent from Abundantwise Ltd.

Occasionally we will send you written reports and emails outlining special events, offers and information relevant to your industry needs. You may ‘opt-out’ or unsubscribe from these by following any unsubscribe instruction in our correspondence to you. After doing so, you will no longer receive any specific correspondence that you have unsubscribed or opted out from unless you open a new account, enter a contest or opt in again to receive such correspondence.

Cancellations or Variations by the client – All sales/bookings are considered final once payments are processed and any outstanding balance will remain due irrespective of whether the product/service overleaf is consumed or not.

Due to the nature of our services, which can include: videos, digital documents, tools, and/or streaming videos, online memberships and subscriptions, live events, and client interactions (both online and face-to-face), unless otherwise stated by Abundantwise Ltd, all fees payable and due are non-refundable. At the point of purchase, you may request a refund no later than the 14 days cooling off period.

Abundwantwise Ltd may terminate your access to the purchased product without notice and in its sole discretion, if you misuse Abundantwise Ltd’s intellectual property and content, exhibit prohibited uses and behaviours (such as defaming or attempting to defame another person or institution), or breach the policies and/or rules.

Approval of Satisfaction Guarantee request – There will be no consideration or authorisation of a refund or cancellation without all above requirements being met. Upon approval, where applicable, all products must be returned to Abundantwise Ltd and payments made under this contract of sale which are due back to you will be refunded within 10 business days.

Consequences of Failure to Pay – If payment is not made by the client within the agreed time limits, Abundantwise Ltd will treat this as a breach of contract and therefore be entitled to end any offer of training, products or services and retain any sums already paid. Any outstanding payments will remain payable to Abundantwise Ltd and can be passed onto a third party collection agency to enforce payments due. This is without prejudice for Abundantwise Ltd’s rights to claim damages from the client in respect of any loss suffered by Abundantwise Ltd.

Price – All prices stated are inclusive of VAT at the current rate unless otherwise stated. The overall price must be paid when stated, at time of order prior to goods and/or services being received as per signed agreement. Abundantwise Ltd reserves the right to suspend services due to failed payments and without prejudice, reserves the right to claim damages for any subsequent losses caused by failure to pay as agreed. The agreed fees will be paid by the client in accordance with any payment plan agreed with Abundantwise Ltd, its representatives or any finance company. These fees will remain payable irrespective of whether the purchased program or product is completed or consumed/utilised or not. This will also be the case should the client change their minds and still has an outstanding balance due to Abundantwise Ltd, its representatives or any finance company.

Alterations to advertised packages – All advertised packages are subject to availability. Every reasonable effort will be made to adhere advertised packages Abundantwise Ltd. Any packages may be altered or omitted and/or dates changed either before or after confirmation of the booking. Abundantwise Ltd accepts no contractual liability where such alterations, omissions or changes occur after confirmation of the booking. Abundantwise Ltd agrees to use reasonable endeavours (such reasonable endeavours to be strictly subject to the organisers/promoters of events and/or other third parties making alternative packages available and further subject to Abundantwise Ltd’s right to change the price applicable) to provide a reasonable alternative package and the client agrees to accept such reasonable alternative package.

Affiliate/Referral Program – Where stated, Abundantwise Ltd offer an affiliate/referral program. In order to qualify for and receive affiliate/referral payments, you must be able to prove you referred a client to us, they must pay in full and consume the products/service before any payments are made to you.

As the Client is entering into the contract for a reason wholly or partly connected to business (whether that business is a limited company, partnership, sole trader, freelancer or any other kind of business entity in relation to a profession for the purpose of acquiring clients and running a business) then consumer protection law does not apply. Terms deemed unfair under consumer protection law would not generally be deemed unfair in a business to business context. The Client understands they are entering into the contract for the purpose of business and will therefore be deemed as a business for matters of contract law.

Law and Construction – The terms and conditions of this contract, for the avoidance of doubt, shall be governed by English Law. Abundantwise Ltd and you (the client) submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in all matters regarding the contract and its terms or conditions.